Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Sammy

Our little one is big, and not a baby anymore.

Sam learns to drive.

Fait Accomplie..... Our youngest has learned to drive his very own car....What a Birthday Gift...Thanks Dad, you are brilliant!!!

Way to go Sam!!!!!!!

The BIG SIX for Sam!

Dad had a brilliant idea this year for Sam's birthday. He wanted Sam to be able to go where he wanted when he wanted when we played outside. Ben & Ashly jump on their bikes and off they go, now Sam can jump in his car and off he goes. Yup, Dad & Mom got Sam a POLICE CAR for his birthday. Sam was so excited he couldn't stop jumping! He was super patient while Areos & Dad worked on building his car. Sam & Ben even helped when it came time to tighten screws. When the car was all ready to go, Sam even wanted to sleep in it he was so excited!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ben wrote a letter to his big brother Axel

Dear Axel,
I will miss you wall you are on your mission.

I hope you do not get hert on your mision.

I will always think of you no mater were I am

I hope you will always rember me.

I will always peray for you.

Thank you for prtekting me

you the Best Broter I ever had.

Family rites

Axel, You are already awesome to me! Dad

It is my great joy to be your mother. Mom

Ben wrote... I Love you AXEL!!!

Love your Bruther


Areos is the big 14

Areos turned baby boy is not so little. Ewas, as Sam calls him is my joy. Dad and I took him and a friend to dinner at the restaurant, Legend of Asia, all of the waiters sang "Happy Birthday" in Chinese to Areos. Fun! But soooo much food!!!!

He got a great card and a little something in it from Nana. Thanks Nana! He also got a card and a little something from the Mundy Grandparents. Thank you! and a little something from Mom and Dad too. Grandma Ruth called and that was a treat.

Last week I went hunting for all Areos's favorite Mexican things, Takis, Cajeta and his greatest love.... tajin. In my hunt I found "Carnitas" and made Tacos and some "chicharon in salsa verde". Areos was in heaven!!!

Dad got Areos some things for his bike since he uses it all the time.

Areos then had some friends over and he went to his first official church dance. It is so exciting to see him grow especialy since everybody loves Areos.


Axel's Mission call arrived Friday. Our whole family gathered together as Axel opened up his mission call and read....You are called to the Mozambique Maputo Mission, Portuguese speaking. WOWZERS!!!!!!! Oh boy, we were all shocked! But look at Axel's face, I caught his expression as he realized where the Lord wants him to serve, PRICELESS!!

The next day Axel still couldn't believe it.

We had so much fun calling all the family members to tell them. Grandma Ruth, Nana, uncle Carlos, aunt Tamara, Aunt & Uncle Chris, Uncle Benjamin, Aunt Janeen, Uncle Eduardo, Aunt Claudia, JoAnn..... we so enjoyed all of your expressions of surprise. I feel so happy that I have such a wonderful son that I float! Michael, I and our six kids are super humbled and grateful for our Father in Heaven and Axel's worthiness to serve. Of course Ben said what we all were thinking...that he does not want Axel to go because he will miss him. Ben offered to go with Axel to be his personal bodyguard. What a wonderful thing, to have my first born set the example for all his four brothers and his little sister. Thank you Axel, you are the best!

Daddy loves his little ones

Daddy loves his boys, and they sure do love their daddy. Whenever Ben and Sam come home Sam says "I want to stay four hundred, four hundred".... that is his way of saying that he wants to be home with us a very long time. They can't get enough of their daddy! Dad sure loves and misses his boys so very much.

Ben is a "chimuelo"

"Chimuelo" is the word for someone who is missing teeth, that would be Benjamin. He lost his second front tooth. Dad had the connections and convinced the tooth-fairy to come during the day. She left FIVE big ones for Ben, Thanks Dad!!!

Bubble bath time

He is so funny!!!

Another Baptism

Paige is a friend of Areos. Dad had the honor of baptising Paige. We all participated, Areos gave the opening prayer, Paige asked that I give a talk on Baptism. We felt the spirit so strongly. The next day in Sacrament Meeting Axel said the blessing to confer upon Paige the gift of the Holy Ghost. Living the gospel truly gives our family opportunities to serve and feel the Spirit. We are so greatful!